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How do you seal coffee bags?


Sealing coffee bags is important to preserve the freshness and flavor of the coffee.

Heat Sealing:

resealable coffee packaging bags

Most coffee bags are heat-sealed using a heat sealer. This is a machine that uses heat to melt the plastic of the bag, creating a strong seal.

Place the top of the bag between the jaws of the heat sealer, press down, and the heat will create a secure seal.

Adhesive Sealing:

resealable coffee packaging bags

Some bags have adhesive strips on the inside of the opening. Peel off the protective strip to expose the adhesive, then press the sides of the bag together to seal it.

Twist Ties:

For bags with a fold-over top, you can use twist ties to secure the folded part. Simply twist the tie around the folded section to keep it closed.

Clips or Clamps:

resealable coffee packaging bags

You can use clips or clamps designed for sealing bags. These are often reusable and provide a simple and effective way to keep the bag sealed.

Vacuum Sealing:

If you have a vacuum sealer, you can use it to remove the air from the bag before sealing. This is an effective method for preserving the freshness of the coffee.

Zipper Seals:

Some coffee bags come with built-in zipper seals. Just press the sides of the bag together, and then use the zipper to create an airtight seal.

Fold and Clip:

For bags without any built-in sealing mechanism, you can fold the top of the bag and use a clip or a clothespin to keep it closed.

Remember that it's crucial to remove as much air as possible from the coffee bag before sealing to maintain the freshness of the coffee. Additionally, store the sealed bags in a cool, dark place to further preserve the quality of the coffee beans.

resealable coffee packaging bags

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